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Congratulations! You’ve just taken your first step in what will be an exciting and enlightening journey where all you have to do is sing your heart out, have fun and unleash a voice you never dreamed was possible!

Julie Miles

Having helped 100s of singers with their voices throughout her teaching career Julie Miles owner at Vocal Ovation has rapidly become one of the North East’s most highly rated and sought after voice teachers. With over 4 decades of experience in music, performing, singing and coaching, alongside an ongoing commitment to her own training, it’s hardly surprising that Julie is constantly booked months in advance by singers of all ages, experience and musical genres.
Much of the success she’s achieved as an effective coach is attributed from her 10 year career in senior management where she ran a highly successful sales department responsible for achieving multi million sales targets each year. Although completely unrelated to music, developing, mentoring and coaching people was at the heart of the role so the extensive training and experience she gained has been invaluable in her approach to teaching.
In earlier years, Julie’s life was completely based around music and performing. Having played the flute from the age of 6, she left school to study Performing Arts at Newcastle College where her main focus was singing, dancing and acting. Although her versatile vocal style made her competent as a pop, musical theatre, jazz or blues singer, understanding the importance of a strong vocal foundation, she also undertook 2 years of classical voice training throughout her time at college.
She went on to sing professionally for over 12 years across the UK and abroad as part of a wide range of acts including; close harmony girl groups, solo, lead singer of several top North East bands, original music projects, as well as recording work for the International Guild of Songwriters and Composers.

Who Can Have Lessons?

Just about anyone who wants to improve as a singer and performer, from absolute beginners to singers with many years of experience.

Although age groups would typically be from around secondary school right up to adults of any age, younger singers would still be encouraged to book the introductory lesson as an opportunity to assess their vocal ability and provide feedback on the most suitable direction to take.

Select a skill level:

  1. Singing For Beginners
  2. Some Singing Experience
  3. Experienced or Professional Singer

Booking & Lessons

Vocal Ovation provides professional, primarily one to one vocal and stage performance tutoring and coaching in a completely safe, relaxed and fun environment.

In other words, no one will ever make you feel pressurised or uncomfortable if you don’t quite hit all the right notes in all the right order first, second or even tenth time round, in fact to the contrary, your coach will see this as a great opportunity for her to establish precisely the right pace and approach for you so that you can really feel the positive steps you’re achieving no matter how small they may seem at the time.

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About Us

Vocal Ovation provides professional singing tuition, vocal coaching and also helps build confidence for those wanting to create a more memorable and polished stage performance.

You’ll sing in a completely safe, relaxed and fun environment, in other words, no one will ever make you feel pressurised or uncomfortable if you don’t quite hit all the right notes in all the right order first, second or even tenth time round. In fact to the contrary! Your vocal coach will see this as a great opportunity to establish precisely the right pace and approach for you so that you can really feel the positive steps you’re achieving no matter how small they may seem at the time.

  • Technique and Vocal Health

    A wide range of tried and tested vocal exercises are used to develop your voice safely.

  • Performance and Delivery

    Ovation we will help you pick the right songs for you and your style, understand their meaning and connect to it so that your performance.

  • Confidence and Self Belief

    Making you feel comfortable and confident in your ability and never feel out of your depth.

  • Facilities

    Our studio is unlike any other space you are likely to have experienced taking singing lessons.

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What our clients have to say


Working with Julie has not only transformed my voice, it has without a doubt, transformed my life.
She has been a pivotal part of building my confidence on stage & also with improving my voice, I’ve found it has changed drastically – for the better!

Samantha Lavery

Without a doubt I would recommend Julie to anyone! She is so professional & knows exactly what the industry are looking for when it comes to new & upcoming artists. She helps with pushing your music & giving advice about competitions, gigs & the best routes to take to gain experience & be noticed!

Samantha LaveryCo. Durham
Olivia Lawson

All in all I think Julie is an incredible Vocal Coach and friend. She has helped me through so much and I thank her and appreciate her for this but especially for helping me through the most daunting experience of my life, being a contestant on The Voice, she was the first person I picked up the phone to ring & let know how I’d done in all the stages.

Olivia LawsonSunderland
Channy Thompson

As Julie puts a lot investment into her own training, I have total confidence that she gives me the best technique & advice possible to keep my voice not only in good shape but also consistently improving & developing. The comparison in my voice now from 3 years ago before taking lessons at Vocal Ovation is insane!

Channy ThompsonNewcastle
Olivia Crawford

My voice has improved dramatically as a result of Julie’s extensive coaching and exercise regimes, this is visible when re-watching older videos of me singing before receiving vocal coaching from Julie.

Olivia CrawfordHartlepool
Ty Lewis

My voice has come on so much since visiting Julie, my technique is a lot better, my diction is clearer & overall my voice is just so much better! I perform a lot now & feel so much more in control on stage as Julie has helped bring out my personality in my songs, which is a real confidence boost!

Ty LewisTeeside

David Grant

Julie trained regularly with David for over 3 years here’s what he had to say about her coaching:

“Julie has a great passion for the voice and empathy and understanding of people, both essential qualities in a coach. She has created a lovely environment where people can grow in an understanding of their voice.”