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Julie Miles

Having helped 100s of singers with their voices throughout her teaching career Julie Miles owner at Vocal Ovation has rapidly become one of the North East’s most highly rated and sought after voice teachers. With over 4 decades of experience in music, performing, singing and coaching, alongside an ongoing commitment to her own training, it’s hardly surprising that Julie is constantly booked months in advance by singers of all ages, experience and musical genres.

Much of the success she’s achieved as an effective coach is attributed from her 10 year career in senior management where she ran a highly successful sales department responsible for achieving multi million sales targets each year. Although completely unrelated to music, developing, mentoring and coaching people was at the heart of the role so the extensive training and experience she gained has been invaluable in her approach to teaching.

In earlier years, Julie’s life was completely based around music and performing. Having played the flute from the age of 6, she left school to study Performing Arts at Newcastle College where her main focus was singing, dancing and acting. Although her versatile vocal style made her competent as a pop, musical theatre, jazz or blues singer, understanding the importance of a strong vocal foundation, she also undertook 2 years of classical voice training throughout her time at college.

She went on to sing professionally for over 12 years across the UK and abroad as part of a wide range of acts including; close harmony girl groups, solo, lead singer of several top North East bands, original music projects, as well as recording work for the International Guild of Songwriters and Composers.

Julie-judgingThe whole concept for Vocal Ovation started in August 2009 when Julie’s husband booked her a surprise singing lesson with David Grant of “Pop Idol”, “Fame Academy” and “Carrie and David’s Pop Shop” fame to name but a few. Her initial session with him was a great success however not content to settle for it being just a one off, she booked for the following month when she planned to talk to David about training to becoming a Vocal Coach herself.

No one was more surprised and thrilled than Julie, when he actually beat her to it and suggested it first! Her lessons with him then took on a “coach the coach” model and she was fortunate and dedicated enough to travel to London monthly to continue her training with David and on occasions Carrie Grant as well. When her busy schedule allows it, she still makes it a priority to see David for lessons however is also a certified teacher within the Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA) where she trains regularly with highly acclaimed voice instructors from across Europe & North America.

Although an absolute stickler for sound vocal technique, she also has a keen eye for recognising talent and is very much geared towards working with singers to help them achieve all the necessary aspects that will help them develop into successful artists.

She is the “go to” judge for several national singing competitions like Beyond the Lights, OpenMic UK and TeenStar UK & regularly hosts showcases of her amazingly talented list of students for industry professionals.
Many of those students have significant performances to their names that include; Sky One’s Bring On The Noise, BBC1’s The Voice, X Factor, Wembley Arena, Metro Radio Arena, O2 London and O2 Academy supporting and singing alongside the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Mel C, Duffy, Karen Harding, Jane MacDonald, Joe McElderry and Olly Murs to name but a few!

Julie’s knowledge and experience of singing and performing along with her ability to effectively coach, develop and motivate makes an extremely dynamic and powerful combination. She has been said on numerous occasions to have worked “magic” on her students voices, not to mention their confidence and for that very reason has been labelled “Magic Miles” by so many of them!

What happens at Vocal Ovation?

Vocal Ovation provides professional singing tuition, vocal coaching and also helps build confidence for those wanting to create a more memorable and poiished stage performance. You’ll sing in a completely safe, relaxed and fun environment, in other words, no one will ever make you feel pressurised or uncomfortable if you don’t quite hit all the right notes in all the right order first, second or even tenth time round! In fact to the contrary, your vocal coach will see this as a great opportunity for her to establish precisely the right pace and approach for you so that you can really feel the positive steps you’re achieving no matter how small they may seem at the time.

The lessons do follow a general structure, however because we cater for all abilities, most age groups and many different singing styles, it’s all about taking a totally flexible approach, so as they can be tailored to meet the specific needs and experience of every singer.

We focus is in 3 main areas:

1. Technique and Vocal Health

A wide range of tried and tested vocal exercises are used to develop your voice safely, improving tone, clarity, range, pitch accuracy, smoothing out any of those dreaded breaks and weaker areas and generally creating a more interesting, compelling and dynamic sound that can be immediately distinguished as being your voice.

2. Performance and Delivery of a song to an audience

Those who have watched X Factor, American Idol or Andrew Lloyd Webber looking for his next West End star will know so often the feedback “your voice is stunning however I just didn’t see any emotion or connection to the song or the audience”. This can be the kiss of death even to the best singer on the Planet so at Vocal Ovation we will help you pick the right songs for you and your style, understand their meaning and connect to it so that your performance is so personal to you it creates an audience reaction you’ve never fully experienced before!

3. Confidence and Self Belief

When was the last time you sang in front of an audience, hit 5 of the most horrendously flat notes in a row, missed the next line out of sheer embarrassment and they said “hey, don’t worry, that’s fine, let’s go back, try a bit more of this here, a bit less of that there, you were sounding great just before you just missed that note so just keep it going”. It just doesn’t happen like that, so no wonder nerves and confidence can be in tatters, you only get that one chance to either get it right and finish your performance feeling like you’re a world class pop star or if the worst happens, wishing the stage would just swallow you up.

A big part of the coaching at Vocal Ovation is that no one is judging you and you get as many chances as you need and as much constructive feedback as it takes to get you over whatever vocal or performance issues you may be having. Singing should be enjoyable whether you a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, so it’s vital that you feel comfortable and confident in your ability and never feel out of your depth.

You and your coach will regularly agree goals that will be right for what you want to achieve as a singer, performer or even just for a one off performance and will help you work towards them at a pace and level that is right for you. Whilst it is the role of your coach to challenge and stretch you just that little bit further to help you develop, she will only do this if she has absolute confidence that you are capable of it. The more challenges you successfully achieve the more your confidence will grow and then no one will have more self belief in your ability than you!


Our studio is unlike any other space you are likely to have experienced taking singing lessons.

We want to give you the opportunity to really relax and let go, open up your voice, sing out and actually put yourself in a performing frame of mind. Here are just some of the reasons your singing experience at Vocal Ovation will be so different:

  • Studio

    A 50 m2 sound proof performance studio

  • PA

    Top quality PA

  • Radio Mics

    Top of the range Senheiser Radio Mics

  • Stage

    A performance stage with full lighting

  • Backing Tracks

    Over 40,000 backing tracks

  • Sheet Music

    Immediate access to online sheet music for 1000’s of songs

  • Location

    Picturesque rural location with off road parking