I’m really just starting out and haven’t done much singing at all

Even the greatest and most famous superstars had to start somewhere but when you see your favourite singer in concert or on TV strutting their stuff; it’s easy to forget, that they too, were once a beginner just like you.

You obviously have a passion for singing but so far you just haven’t been sure how to take the next step forward.

Perhaps one of these descriptions fits you perfectly:

  • You’ve had friends and family telling you how good you are for years and that you should really go for it
  • You’ve plucked up the courage and sang at a karaoke or two and couldn’t believe the reaction you got from the audience
  • You only sing in the safety of your bedroom or bathroom and have been too shy so far to let anyone know how much you love it
  • You sing all the time but friends and family are always telling you you’re tone deaf, you’d love to knock their socks off one day and prove them wrong
  • You’re already quite experienced in other aspects of performing arts but in order to become an “all rounder” need to improve your singing in order to open up more opportunities for college courses and shows etc.

Whatever your motivation, as a beginner, you aren’t going to get a better start in improving something you love doing, than coming to Vocal Ovation for professional singing tuition and coaching.

How can Vocal Ovation help me?

Your coach at Vocal Ovation has been in exactly the same position as you so you’ll be getting valuable guidance based on years of real life experience which will help you develop into a stronger more confident singer and performer.

Here’s just a small snapshot of how we approach your development:

  • Your voice will be assessed in your introductory lesson for tone, tuning, strength, range, flexibility and control.
  • We’ll give you feedback on the level we feel you’re at vocally.
  • We’ll combine your own aspirations in terms of where you hope to be as a singer with our own thoughts and advice and will formulate an individual tuition and coaching plan that will be the most effective and enjoyable for your development needs.
  • Initially we may focus more on building your singing technique rather than an all round performance, as the confidence you’ll gain from hearing a stronger more tuneful voice will really help you become a far more professional and believable performer.
  • We’ll help you build a good repertoire of songs that will really fit with and compliment your individual style and range.
  • We’d strongly recommend that you create some performance opportunities for yourself, perhaps at an open mic night or local karaoke as this will really help your progress and confidence.
  • Vocal Ovation also run quarterly performance evenings and friendly competitions for students of all levels where friends and family can attend so this maybe the perfect platform for your debut!

What our Clients Think

From the first lesson I had with Julie I knew that she was the teacher for me. I have had singing teachers in the past but none have taught me the technique that she has.

I started to get bored with my other teachers but with Julie every lesson is different and I class her as a friend as well as a teacher. She is so supportive & I love that we have a giggle in every lesson. My singing lessons are something I look forward to now.

Julie has helped me prepare for competitions like Open Mic Uk & helped me to prepare 3 songs for a really big performance at The 02 Academy main stage in Newcastle. All I can say is Julie is the best & I wouldn’t want any other teacher now as I know I have the best!

“Courtz" Courtney Hadwin11, Hartlepool - Schoolgirl & P/T Singer

I started singing for fun in my late teens and decided to take things further with lessons. I then went on to work on a cruise ship as a singer travelling the world. After working away for a couple of years I returned home with vocal problems which, despite having taken lessons, was due to the poor technique I’d learned. With numerous trips to voice therapists and 3 operations on my throat I decided to give up on my singing career which was a bitter pill to swallow.

After a while I began to really miss what I loved doing so took the step to find a vocal coach. I came across Julie’s website and booked a lesson shortly after. In the very first lesson Julie took me right back to the basics and quickly identified the problems in my voice. Julie’s approach to teaching is professional and friendly in a relaxed environment. As I have developed bad singing habits Julie is working on these by improving my technique & helping me understand the mechanics of my voice. This can take a while but Julie has the patience of a saint & with her vast knowledge my voice has improved. I now feel so confident that I can pursue my passion again and plan to get back on the stage very soon!

Ross Dixon25, Teeside - Support worker