Bookings & Prices

Bookings and Prices

At Vocal Ovation we believe that singing lessons should be enjoyable and something that you can really look forward to therefore they have to fit easily into busy lives and hectic schedules. We know how hard it can be to commit long term, to the same time on the same day every week or even month, so for that reason we give you complete flexibility on how often you can make it for your lesson.

You won’t be forced to take a weekly package where you end up having to waste lessons when greater priorities arise, instead, you can book lessons on an ad-hoc basis at times that suit you, so that as your lesson approaches, you’re absolutely raring to go and all your focus can be on you and your singing.

How Can I Book?

Booking is easy! Simply click the button below to use our online booking system.


Single Lessons

Introductory Lesson

Introductory Lesson – £70 (1 Hour)

This is the perfect opportunity for you to decide if Vocal Ovation is going to be the right choice for you to help steer you in the direction you had in mind.
The format of this lesson is slightly different from subsequent Standard Voice Lessons as some time will be spent at the start discussing your singing experience to date and what you hope to achieve in the short & longterm.

You will have a vocal assessment, structured feedback about your voice & then will work through exercises that will be tailored specifically for your voice type & it’s positive development. If you have prepared a song you’d like to work on this will be covered in the latter part of the hour.

For younger students of 16 or under, parents or guardians must be available to attend at the start and end of this session.
100% of Vocal Ovation students to date experience improvements within their 1st lesson!

£5 will be deducted from your 2nd lesson if booking within 2 weeks of your Intro Lesson date.

Standard Voice Lesson

Standard Voice Lesson – £60 (1 Hour)

You must be a registered Vocal Ovation client & an Introductory Lesson must have been attended prior to this. There will be a recap on what you’ve been working on from the previous lesson then approximately 40% of the hour will be spent on vocal technique using some of the exercises you worked on in your intro with the introduction of some new ones (depending on individual progress).

The remainder will be spent working on a song or songs either purely for pleasure or to perfect to performance standard and as a song progresses, microphone and performance work will be introduced.

Standard Voice Lesson (2 Singers)

Standard Voice Lesson (2 Singers) – £80 (1 Hour)

These sessions are for 2 or more singers who are used to working together regularly or are preparing to. It could also be ideal for those who aren’t quite confident enough to take the plunge alone.

Additional singers can book at £10 each up to a maximum of 4.

Skype Voice Lesson

Skype Voice Lesson – £65 (1 Hour)

Get the same vocal development & advice in the comfort of your own home through our highly effective Skype lessons. No travelling costs & time to worry about!

We also offer this service in 30 minutes slots for £35.

Out Of Hours Voice Lessons

Out Of Hours Voice Lessons – £75 (1 Hour)

Finding a slot can be difficult at Vocal Ovation as lessons are booked months in advance.
For that reason sessions out of our core hours are available from 7.30pm Monday – Wednesday on request.

Note: Cannot be included within a package.

Lesson Packages

10 Lesson Package

10 Lesson Package – £590 – 1 hour per lesson (£680 for “out of hours”)

Save £60 off the equivalent number of single lessons by booking & prepaying 10 lessons in advance. (may be paid over 1, 2 or 3 months)

Please note – lessons must be completed within 10 months of date of your first booking with a gap of no longer than 8 weeks between lessons unless previously arranged.

Six Lesson Package

Six Lesson Package – £360 – 1 hour per lesson (£420 for “out of hours”)

Save £30 off the equivalent number of single lessons by booking & prepaying 6 lessons in advance. (may be paid over 1 or 2 months)

Please note – lessons must be completed within 6 months of date of your first booking with a gap of no longer than 8 weeks between lessons unless previously arranged.

Additional Options

Recording Session

Recording Session – £119 (1 song per session)

Our recordings are fantastic quality & perfect for sharing with friends & family! They are a must have for promoting your singing career via Facebook, My Space, You Tube or sending to management, PR & record companies.
We’re different from the usual “Studio Experience” as we provide full vocal coaching throughout the whole session meaning your voice is the best it possibly can be so the final result is a recording you’ll be truly proud of!

*Price may vary as it is based on a the cost of a 1 hour lesson from a 10 lesson package plus a £60 recording & production fee. Includes a vocal warm up and song rehearsal, 1 song recording available on MP3 and 1 fully personalised CD.

Packages are available for additional songs.

Pianist Accompaniment

Pianist Accompaniment – £40 (per hour)

Add £40 per hour to any Vocal Ovation lessons (5 working days notice required)
If wish to perfect and perform a less well known song or cover a more original arrangement we can arrange for pianist accompaniment for some of your lessons.

Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher – £50 upwards

Our vouchers can be put towards any of our lessons and packages (excluding pianist fees).

For those with a real passion for singing and performing, professional coaching and tuition can be a big investment. What a great way to play a part in contributing to a loved one, friend or relative living their dreams, you never know, you might get a mention on the credits of their first album or when they make their acceptance speech at The Brits!

“On Location”

“On Location” – £65 (per hour)

Got an audition and want get ahead of the competition? Why not have your personal vocal coach at hand right up to the final minute before you face the panel.
What a confidence booster!

Got a major performance? We know singing in the safety of a studio with your vocal coach guiding and advising you is a million miles away from singing to a live audience, plus, when was the last time someone in that audience gave you any useful feedback?

Imagine how much you could develop from one performance to the next with your vocal coach watching, listening and letting you know exactly what went well and why and what you could do to make your performance even better next time.

*Charges will apply for travelling & waiting time at the same rate.

Terms and Conditions

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