I’ve being singing for years

When you’ve done something pretty well for years and perhaps even been lucky enough to earn a good living doing it, it’s easy to become complacent and think there’s no real need to do anything different but as the saying goes, “If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got”. For a singer that could mean running out a breath too early on those long power notes or sounding a bit nasal on certain songs, both of which could be easily fixed and with just a few minor changes, an amazing transformation could take place, even for someone who is already a great singer.

Are any of these familiar situations for you?

  • You’ve been singing professionally for years and endless battles with a loud band and poor monitors is taking it’s toll on your voice.
  • You’ve got a really strong voice but either get too “shouty” in the higher range or have to switch to a weak sounding falsetto to hit the notes.
  • You sing a lot but really want to improve the way you put a song across and connect more with your audience.
  • You’ve often thought about having coaching but have been worried that you may not like the effect it has on your voice.
  • Your voice has always got you by but you’ve never had any professional training so want to see how much you can improve by trying new techniques.
  • You used to be professional but gave up and are now ready to re-launch your career.

If you rely on your voice to make your living or would like to, then you already know that it’s your most valuable asset so there’s nothing more important that it’s health & longevity. You’re in good company too, with many world class singers, sportsman and athletes relying on their coach to take them from great, to the very top of their game. From Take That to Tiger Woods, Shirley Bassey to David Beckham, they would not be where are today without the hours they’ve invested in that all important coaching.

How can Vocal Ovation help me?

With years of professional singing and performing to some of the hardest audiences you’ll find, your coach at Vocal Ovation knows all too well the highs and lows you can experience on stage as well as the bad habits you can fall into to help your voice cope with performances night after night.

Here’s how we’ll help you fine tune your technique and performance:

  • We’ll discuss your own thoughts on your current strengths and weaknesses as a singer and performer.
  • Your voice will be assessed in your introductory lesson for tone, tuning, strength, range, flexibility and control.
  • We’ll give you feedback on the tone and quality of your voice and areas that we feel could be developed .
  • We’ll combine your own aspirations in terms of what you’d like to improve as a singer and performer with our own thoughts and advice and will formulate an individual tuition and coaching plan that will be most effective in really enhancing your voice and taking your performance to the next level and beyond.
  • We’ll focus more intensely on the areas that have been highlighted as requiring the most development with the use specific vocal exercises as well as stretching and developing the voice as a whole.
  • We’ll help you make improvements to songs currently within your repertoire as well as suggesting additions that will really fit with and compliment your individual style and range .
  • To add another valuable dimension to your feedback and progression, you can book an On Location session where we can get a real audience view of you performing live or provide onsite coaching at any auditions you may be attending.
  • Vocal Ovation also run quarterly performance evenings and friendly competitions for students of all levels where friends and family can attend so this maybe the perfect platform for you to take time out to try some new songs and elements of your performance and also provide some valuable inspiration for less experienced performers.

What our Clients Think

I had my first singing lesson one week after my 12th birthday, it was bought for me as a gift and Julie had been recommended through a friend of my mum. Within two weeks of my first lesson I auditioned for TeenStar singing competition and got through to the regional finals. I would never have had the confidence without my lesson.

I have attended regular vocal lessons with Julie for over two and a half years my voice has developed along with my confidence so much that I now regularly compete in national singing competitions and this year will perform at the 02 Academy in Newcastle! None of this would have been possible without the expertise, hard work and dedication from Julie.

The studio facilities are first class and a very relaxed environment to learn in.

If there’s anyone out there thinking of learning to sing, Julie & Vocal Ovation should be your first stop. Just fantastic!

Kenza Limam14, Crawcrook

My daughter has been having lessons with Julie for over 3 years. Straight away I noticed a massive difference & improvement in her, not just in the way she sings but in her confidence as well. Julie is amazing with her & I cannot thank her enough for the encouragement, the teaching the professionalism & the massive amount of patience she gives to my daughter each session.

She introduced us to a variety of singers & performers who have also included us in their work as well as actively encouraging Amy-Rose to sing in competitions & shows whenever possible. The highlight of both our week’s is going to Julie’s, not just because of the singing but because she makes us laugh & has become someone we both love to spend time with.

I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for my daughter, a happy daughter means a happy Mum which means a happy home full of music and fun thanks to Julie – can’t wait for my son to start!

Thank you Julie for being an amazing coach & an inspiration to my amazing daughter.

Amy-Rose Skelton13, Washington