Channy Thompson

22, Newcastle
Professional Singer

As the only individual in my family who found a passion for performing at a young age, I always found it difficult to seek the help & guidance I needed to put me in the right direction to fulfil a career in the music industry.

Having taken Performing Arts from GCSE to degree level at a specialised Music University, I found our teacher to be average & our group Vocal Lessons a bit of a chore. After 4 years of training in school, college & university I felt like I hadn’t been challenged or developed. My confidence was low as was the joy I’d previously had for singing.

After hearing amazing things about lessons at Vocal Ovation, I first met Julie at a National singing competition in 2013. Although I was very wary of Vocal Lessons from past experience, I enquired anyway. From the second Julie replied I booked my first lesson & haven’t stopped booking since!

Whilst extremely professional, Julie’s naturally warm approach makes you feel so comfortable & at ease. I always feel she has my best interest at heart & despite being incredibly busy goes out of her way to make time for everyone.

As Julie puts a lot investment into her own training, I have total confidence that she gives me the best technique & advice possible to keep my voice not only in good shape but also consistently improving & developing. The comparison in my voice now from 3 years ago before taking lessons at Vocal Ovation is insane! I have felt & noticed huge improvements in my stamina, dynamics, control, range, strength & power but in addition she has helped me massively with my confidence, stage presence & image & has helped me regain my love for singing more than ever.

Throughout my time at Vocal Ovation, Julie has helped me prepare for some mega performances from national competitions & auditions, to festivals, charity events & radio interviews & at some major venues across the UK, Europe & America. I’ve appeared at the O2 Academy on several occasions but the biggest one of all was performing at the Metro Radio Arena, supporting Olly Murs, Nathan Sykes, Sigala to name just a few. I was fortunate enough to have Julie by my side before hitting the stage to make sure I was ready to give the performance of a lifetime!

I can’t thank her enough for the support, help & guidance she has given me over these past few years. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with such an amazing Vocal Coach & I can’t recommend her highly enough to anybody who ‘loves’ to sing, or just ‘wants’ to sing.

In my opinion, Julie couldn’t be any better at her job & makes the impossible, possible! You will not be disappointed!

Courtney Hadwin

14 – County Durham

Before I worked with Julie I had had singing lessons but hadn’t been taught any vocal technique. I’d heard of Julie from singing competitions I’d entered as some of the other singers had recommended her. I’ve been having lessons with her for over 3 years now & my voice has improved dramatically as well as my confidence in that time.
Julie was holding a showcase for The producers of Voice Kids UK series 1 & put me forward however I wasn’t going to enter as I didn’t believe that I could do well in a competition like that. With Julie’s help I made it to the Grand Final in the last 6.

I recently went to America to audition for America’s Got Talent which Julie helped me prepare for and I was lucky enough to get the golden buzzer from Howie Mandel & a standing ovation from all of the audience & judges which was amazing. After making it through all of the stages of AGT with Julie helping all the way, I ended up coming 6th in the whole competition. My videos have now been viewed over 200 million times & my life has changed forever!

Julie is just the best singing teacher & is my friend as well, she was the first person I rang after my Mam following my golden buzzer audition.

I love my lessons her & I would recommend Julie to anyone and everyone. She has helped me so much and I can’t wait to see what the two of us get up to next!

Molly Scott

16 – County Durham

My singing Journey started when I was about 6yrs old along with my dancing. I soon started entering various singing competitions and then started having my first singing lessons with a local singing teacher once a week.

As I grew older I went through a spell of not entering competitions because I suffered with nerves and I had totally lost my confidence on stage as a singer so concentrated more on dancing competitions for a few years.

I have had a couple of singing teachers over the years and then I was lucky enough to find Vocal Ovation and Julie Miles! She has somehow managed, through her patience, determination and of course her amazing talent as a Vocal Coach to get me back on track and entering all sorts of competitions, local charity events and performing in front of crowds while supporting other singers, many of which Julie has put me forward for.

I have managed to get back to where I believe I should be and have reached various finals including Open Mic, Britain does Variety and the Unstoppable Final. Along with the Metro Radio CashforKids 2017 competition which was a great opportunity for me to raise a lot of money for children in the local area.

My greatest achievement so far is undoubtedly the 2018 X Factor! Julie held a showcase at her studio for the XF producer in which I was included.

I then went on to secure my place for the Live Auditions in front of Simon Cowell and the celebrity Judges and 4500 strong crowd at Wembley Arena, this has to be the greatest feeling ever, receiving a standing ovation from the 4500 crowd and all 4 judges, it was INSANE!! It boosted my confidence yet again to the extent that I went through all stages to end up in the LIVE SHOWS!

If it wasn’t for Julie I would not have been given this opportunity as she persuaded me to actually attend her showcase in the first place.

Julie has worked with me so much on technique & always with a fantastic teacher manner, my voice has changed so much under her instruction, becoming stronger and more controlled. Technique aside she is such a warm, friendly, coach and mentor.

I would recommend Julie to any singer be it young or old as she has ways of finding and bringing out the best in a person’s voice and personality. Julie is a wonderful helpful person who I can’t thank enough for making my voice what it is today and for all of the amazing opportunities she has put my way.

A Big Thank You From

Molly Scott xx

Louise Scott xx

Brooke Burke

9 – Teesside

If anyone is looking for a singing coach look no further than Julie Miles. She is absolutely fantastic.

Brooke has been going to Julie for just over a year & a half now and she has really helped develop Brooke into the little artist she is today.

Brooke has local singing teacher for exams etc however, people kept telling us that she had a real talent and that is when we contacted Julie as we wanted someone qualified to work on technique & performance.

Julie’s work ethos is second to none she is extremely organised and professional. She understands each child inside and out. She goes above and beyond and is always at the end of a phone for advice and guidance. Her knowledge and technically ability is out of this world. You would think she is a magician. If Brooke is struggling with a particular part in a song that she wants to sing, Julie explains and shows her how to get there and before you know it, Brooke hits that note!

Julie’s studio is top of the range. Each time Brooke has a lesson she can’t wait to get on the stage. The equipment that Brooke has the opportunity to use is just great.

Since Brooke has been attending lessons with Julie she has won Teen Star U.K. aged 8, 3rd in The U16 category of Open Mic UK, come 3rd in Beyond the Lights U.K, Runner Up for artist of the year in

Unstoppable U.K. just to name a few.

Her most recent success has been getting to the Semi Final of the 2018 Voice Kids U.K. after she was put forward to audition for the producers of the show.

Julie has also increased the amount of opportunities Brooke has been given with lots of shows, gigs and competitions. For a child who just loves to sing and perform this is a great platform for our daughter.

Like any child, Brooke has a dream and wants to fulfil that if possible and Julie is a massive help and really is helping her achieve that.

We want Julie in Brooke’s life for ever as long as she wants to keep singing as we know she cares and nurtures her in the correct way. If Brooke fulfils her dream of being a pop star in Brooke’s words, she wants Julie to go on that journey with her.

As parents we could not be happier and would recommend anyone to Julie she is our musical rock and words could not describe how grateful we are for her guidance and support.

Jessie Dale

13 – Sunderland

Before having singing lessons with Julie Miles, Jessie had worked with a singing teacher as part of a choir but we felt that she needed training specifically designed for her rather such generic group training. Jessie had started to sing in a couple of competitions and judges had commented on her potential and advised she needed to learn breath control so we decided to look for a qualified singing teacher.

At a singing event we were so lucky to meet one of Julie’s amazing students, Channy Thompson who

recommended Julie and Vocal Ovation. I must admit I was sceptical at first and wondered whether paying the price for a singing lesson was worth it as we are not a wealthy family by any means. Jessie started singing lessons/coaching nearly 3 years ago now and I can honestly say Julie works miracles!! Jessie has grown in confidence and looks forward to her lessons so much. If she is struggling with a song she knows 100% that Julie will work her magic, changing key/speed/style/lyrics as needed to make it suit Jessie’s voice.

Jessie’s voice has changed so much as Julie is a master at working on any vocal weakness with exercises to strengthen and protect her voice and as a result Jessie is getting unbelievable opportunities.

She has been in National competitions, getting to many grand final stages and won her age category at Beyond The Lights last year. She has supported the fabulous Channy Thompson and girl band, Melody 5 and is consistently being approached with lots more offers so is busy most of this year. We find that her lessons are invaluable at helping planning for each performance.

Julie’s approach although extremely professional, is warm and friendly and very supportive, not only to Jessie but also to me, I don’t know what I would do without this as I’m not from a musical family at all!

The studio facilities at Vocal Ovation are amazing and can’t help make you feel like a total star in the making, the sound system is second to none!

Jessie was put forward by Julie to audition at the Vocal Ovation Showcase for The Voice Kids 2018 and as you can see out of thousands of kids who auditioned nationally, Jessie made it through 2 rounds on Team Danny & was watched by millions on ITV OMG!!!

As you can probably tell, we can’t thank Julie and Vocal Ovation enough and would definitely recommend her to absolutely EVERYONE, she is so so much more than a singing teacher.

You will be soon like us and wonder how on earth you could ever do without her!!

Samantha Lavery

16, Co. Durham
Schoolgirl & Singer

My previous experience of singing was with a singing teacher doing grades however after a while I felt I wasn’t really developing in the ways I wanted & needed. Being very serious about my music & becoming an artist I felt that I needed more guidance to help me to find more opportunities to perform & get noticed in the industry.

I first met Julie nearly 4 years ago when I won a lesson at Vocal Ovation from a singing competition I was part of & from then on I’ve never left her side!

Julie makes you feel instantly comfortable & part of a “music family”. The support is unbelievable & nothing is ever a trouble. She creates an enjoyable atmosphere but encourages & pushes you to be the best you can be. She helps with everything, from song choice to performance to being an original artist & even with what to wear!

The studio is amazing with great equipment which really helps get you into performance mode, this is especially helpful when I have events, competitions and shows to prepare for. Since working with Julie I’ve performed at some huge venues including NEC Birmingham on a number of occasions, O2 Academy plus a whole host of national competitions, festivals & charity balls across the UK.

I have seen a remarkable change in my voice since starting lessons with Julie plus she has helped me develop as an artist & performer. I’d picked up some bad habits so needed to work on controlling my voice & strengthening my higher range without pushing it. She’s helped bring out diversity & dynamics in my voice & reach notes I didn’t even know I could meaning I can now sing songs that weren’t possible before. She focusses a lot on structured techniques that will constantly help to develop my voice in the right way & prevent damage however the end goal is always to show the unique character & individuality in your voice.

Without a doubt I would recommend Julie to anyone! She is so professional & knows exactly what the industry are looking for when it comes to new & upcoming artists. She helps with pushing your music & giving advice about competitions, gigs & the best routes to take to gain experience & be noticed! She really does become your “singing mamma” & she is well and truly loved and respected by each & every one of her students. She is one of a kind, magic & truly unbelievable!

Olivia Lawson

18, Sunderland
Administrator & P/T Singer

Where do I start! Julie has been like my second Mam since I first started having lessons with her almost 5 years ago. When we first met, I wasn’t a very confident singer & was so nervous I couldn’t really enjoy performing as I would always be too self critical.

One of the first things she ever said to me was that she didn’t want to change my voice or take away my uniqueness, she wanted to build on it & make it stronger. Julie helped me gain confidence & had so much belief in me she persuaded me to enter some major competitions, like BBC1’s The Voice, something I never would have dreamed of doing before! She has been so supportive of me throughout these competitions & has not only helped my confidence grow, she’s been key in picking some amazing songs for me & pushed me out of my comfort zone to really perform them.

I think it’s so important to feel comfortable around your vocal coach so you feel free to experiment with new & different ideas without worrying or being nervous that it might not sound good at first. Julie has been the perfect person for this & always so encouraging.

My voice is now so much stronger & I find Julie’s way of teaching fantastic. She gives examples of what she wants you to do and talks you through each step which I find so helpful & interesting as I always wanted to know more about the physiological side of the voice & the effect each exercise has on improving it. I’ve also enjoyed showing off to my family all the fancy exercises we do!

All in all I think Julie is an incredible Vocal Coach and friend. She has helped me through so much and I thank her and appreciate her for this but especially for helping me through the most daunting experience of my life, being a contestant on The Voice, she was the first person I picked up the phone to ring & let know how I’d done in all the stages.

You get so much more than just a vocal coach with Julie so if there is even a slight question of whether to get lessons with her, just do it! I guarantee you will leave having seen improvements even after the first lesson. She really is fab!

Chloe Wealleans-Watts

15, Cramlngton
Schoolgirl & P/T Singer

Chloe showed an interest & a slight talent for singing at the tender age of 8 & her first experience with Julie was as a result of a lesson package on Groupon that I purchased for her for Xmas. I’m sure when she looks back in years to come it was probably the best present she will ever have received!

At that time Chloe was very very shy & could complete her entire lesson having not spoken a word, but over time Julie broke down those barriers with her soft, gentle, friendly manner & has helped to create something magical in Chloe. We’re very lucky being able to visit Vocal Ovation weekly & Julie covers a good balance of warm ups, exercises, choosing & learning suitable songs then perfecting & performing them. Attending those lessons are an absolute pleasure for Myself (Mum) & Chloe.

Chloe’s vocal ability & confidence has soared & although she is still a schoolgirl, in the 5 years she’s been with Julie at still only 15 years old, has managed to clock up some major achievements including, TeenStar Pre-teens Winner 2013 at O2 London, 2 solo performances at Wembley Arena, support act for Joe McElderry & Karen Harding & is the “go to” singer for many big charity & modelling events in the area. For the last few years she has been under professional management with Duroc Media whose manager has been responsible for Status Quo for decades.

Just recently Chloe’s younger sister has started having monthly lessons with Julie & though totally different in ability & personality, I am in no doubt whatsoever that she will thoroughly enjoy her lessons & Julie will succeed in bringing out the very best in her also.

Olivia Crawford

14, Hartlepool
Schoolgirl & P/T Singer

We first had the pleasure of meeting Julie when our daughter Olivia won a lesson with Vocal Ovation in a singing competition. When we arrived at Julie’s we couldn’t believe how amazing the studio was and how welcome we were made to feel within minutes. This put Olivia at ease as she was very nervous with this being her first lesson with a professional vocal coach. We were so impressed with the first lesson that we decided to make a block booking. Olivia has been working with Julie for roughly 12 months now and we cannot thank Julie enough for the time and effort which has totally transformed Olivia’s voice and confidence.

Her voice has improved dramatically as a result of Julie’s extensive coaching and exercise regimes, this is visible when re-watching older videos of Olivia singing before receiving vocal coaching from Julie. It is not only her voice that has improved, Olivia’s breathing techniques and stage presence have also enhanced. Julie works with Olivia on performance as well as vocal ability which has benefited her hugely. This has now given Olivia the ability to confidently enter numerous competitions at the highest level. Julie is so hard working with her students but most importantly keeps it fun and enjoyable. We can’t thank you enough Julie, you’re a genius!

Ty Lewis

15, Billingham
Schoolboy & P/T Singer

I met Julie when I was just 12 & had been singing for a few years attending lessons with a singing teacher in my local area.

I had entered a singing competition called TeenStar & was lucky enough to win some lessons with Julie at Vocal Ovation as she was one of the main judges on the TeenStar panel. Although it’s a fair distance to travel from Teeside, more than 3 years later I’m still there!

The studio space is amazing! The acoustics are great and the sound system is spot on. My other experiences were just in a teacher’s front room so the Vocal Ovation studio is a big step from there. I feel so relaxed & at home when I have my lessons, they totally meet my needs as they can develop my chosen songs from an ok 5/10 to a solid 10/10 in just 90 minutes!

My voice has come on so much since visiting Julie, my technique is a lot better, my diction is clearer & overall my voice is just so much better! I perform a lot now & feel so much more in control on stage as Julie has helped bring out my personality in my songs, which is a real confidence boost! She’s helped me with all my major gigs since I started lessons with her, including a support slot at the O2 Academy Newcastle, supporting Keira Weathers from X Factor, & loads of other gigs – she’s a huge help!

I always recommend Vocal Ovation because you’re not gonna get anything else like “Magic Miles”! From my very first lesson, I felt like I knew Julie & Julie knew me. She isn’t one of those teachers who just tells you do something, she helps you, shows you & guides you through what you need to do. I feel confident performing every song I’ve worked on with Julie, it’s as if it’s been “Magic Miles’d” so I know that it’s as good as it can be! Oh, & by the way, she does have some top notch banter too at some times! 😉

Olivia Irvin

17, Spennymoor
Music Student

My 16 year old daughter Olivia has been with Julie for 2 1/2 years now and we count ourselves so lucky to have found her!!
Back in April 2013 Olivia performed for the first time at a singing competition “TeenStar” although Olivia had always danced, sang and performed in pantomimes from an early age this was a whole new experience for her. She had always done musical theatre but as she got older she decided that pop music was what she wanted to sing. Olivia did well in her competition & got through to the regional final but afterwards we began to think how we could help her evolve as a performer and vocalist and take her to the next stage in her development. I’d seen Vocal Ovation and Julie mentioned in the TeenStar leaflet and although she was quite a distance from our home town of Spennymoor we thought “lets give it a go and see where this takes us”.
I can honestly say that from the moment we stepped into her studio we knew we had really made the right decision!! In the last 2 years Olivia has gone from strength to strength as a vocalist and a performer, Julie has not only provided her with excellent vocal technique but equally important, she has given her self belief and confidence!
Julie has taught Olivia about the use of the stage and microphone technique. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable.
Olivia now regularly enters numerous singing competitions, always improving each time & Julie always ensures that she is well prepared. Just recently Olivia has started to gig and was lucky enough to be a support act for Channy Thompson’s headline gig in Newcastle. In the run up to this special event, every aspect of her performance was covered – from the vocals, use of the stage to having the confidence to speak to the audience.
Julie is the very best, her magic is in making every pupil feel valued and special. I look forward to seeing Olivia develop over the coming months and years safe in the knowledge that she has Julie teaching and guiding her along the way.

Charlotte & Stephanie Walker

Singer Songwriters

Even though we had toured around the world as backing singers with Duffy and written, performed and recorded our own material, we didn’t really have any vocal training! We booked a lesson with Julie, as we wanted to improve our technique and confidence on stage and in the studio.

Julie’s beautiful studio is a great creative space where you can relax, soak up Julie’s knowledge and sing your heart out. There are amazing microphones you can use if you wish, a brilliant stage and atmospheric lighting. Julie really has thought of everything to create the best learning and performance environment!

We had previously tried out two other local singing teachers who seemed to have a very ‘old school’ approach to teaching which really didn’t suit us. You will find Julie’s professional approach and ability to identity strengths and weaknesses in a positive and constructive way really is a breath of fresh air.

Julie has helped us to prepare for our own studio sessions and gigs including Evolution Emerging with our band Talk Like Tigers, as well as session singing for Sony.
We now have improved confidence in our voices and technique, so we relax on stage and in the studio and REALLY enjoy it! Our chest voices are stronger and our notes are purer!

Julie can improve vocal technique by giving you the correct exercises to complete for your individual voice, which is really important! You will certainly excel and really feel the difference even after 1 lesson! We 100% recommend Vocal Ovation!

Danielle Brown

18, Shotley Bridge
A’Level Student & P/T Singer

Singing is something I loved from an early age. I performed at small events in front of family and friends with the occasional competition.

Knowing I always wanted to pursue my passion for singing in a more professional way, my main goal was to expand my higher range and brush up on technique.

I looked around & talked to people & they inevitably led me to Vocal Ovation’s fabulous Julie Miles!

The Vocal Ovation studio is stunning & the relaxed atmosphere immediately made me feel comfortable. I was welcomed by Julie’s warm, approachable personality and by the end of my introductory lesson I couldn’t wait to go back!

Each lesson we set goals, whether it be a new song or to develop the performance aspect, getting the most out of each lesson, preparing for gigs/events & competitions.

Lessons at Vocal Ovation have helped me gain confidence in reaching the really high notes I’d previously struggled with as the vocal exercises she does with me make everything feel so much easier. They’ve given me so much more confidence in the upper range of my voice but have also further developed my lower range.

I would recommend Vocal Ovation to anyone with a real passion for singing, especially those eager to work hard and commit to music. Every lesson is exciting & different from the last & I always look forward to working on new things.

Julie is so experienced so she has answers to all your questions, always giving the best advice, helping artists like me develop & fulfil full potential to achieve and get to where we want to be. She has helped me prepare for competitions like OpenMicUK, Beyond the Lights UK & Metro Radio’s BIG Audition 2016 where I was absolutely ecstatic to be crowned this years winner, gaining myself a place to sing at the Metro Radio Arena alongside a whole host of stars! My biggest event to prepare for yet & I’m so excited!

Lucy Bewley

30, Hexham
Singer & Pianist

I started lessons with Julie in 2012 when I was having trouble with my voice cracking while I was singing with a band. I did a little bit of research and found Vocal Ovation’s website to be very professional, so after a really successful introductory lesson booked a further package of 10 & then another 10 & another & another…….…

Having had vocal coaching as a teenager and being forced to sing classical exercises, I was slightly dubious, but Julie’s approach is so refreshing.

The studio is warm, comfortable & contemporary with great acoustics & Julie herself is an absolute godsend! I have a very busy diary with bookings for weddings & I have no doubt that I would have had to give up singing if I hadn’t gone to her when I did. When I listen to recordings from five years ago compared to now, I sound like a different person. She’s improved my breathing, my tone, volume & stamina, not to mention confidence!

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Vocal Ovation to anyone who needs to improve of any aspect of their vocal performance; trust me, you won’t regret it. Thank you so much, Julie!

Riez Purba

22, Sunderland
Sales & P/T Singer, songwriter

Prior to working with Julie, my singing experience was zero & that’s no exaggeration.

Having spent years building up the courage to book a lesson with a vocal coach, I finally took the plunge 2.5 years ago & I have to say I couldn’t have picked a better one!

Working with Julie has not only transformed my voice, it has without a doubt, transformed my life.

I went from being a shy person who was far too embarrassed to sing publicly, to just last month competing in the finals of a Metro Radio competition where I performed in front of top industry judges to a packed out venue. This is just one of many competitions and gigs that Julie has helped me prepare for.

I entered Open Mic UK, a National singing competition, which gave me the chance to perform in big theatres across the UK & I even made it to the Grand Final at the Birmingham NEC Arena. I took part in an amazing talent show called Beyond The Lights where I was given an award for best original song so will now get the chance to perform on Sky TV! I have now performed at a whole host of gigs & charity events, all made possible by Julie’s coaching & whatever I have coming up, she is always on hand with great tips and coaching to ensure everything runs smoothly & that I perform to the best of my ability.

Julie has been a pivotal part of building my confidence on stage & also with improving my voice, I’ve found it has changed drastically – for the better!

Lessons are always fun, she caters each lesson to your individual needs and you never feel pressured or uncomfortable. She has tons of patience and clearly knows her stuff.

The studio the lessons take place in is clean & spacious, it even has a stage so you can practice your performance skills for any upcoming events!

It’s been a joy to work with Julie over the last few years and I feel she has not only been a teacher to me but a mentor & a friend too.

I cannot recommend this lady enough! If anybody has the ability to bring out the best in you, it’s Julie!

From the first lesson I had with Julie I knew that she was the teacher for me. I have had singing teachers in the past but none have taught me the technique that she has.

I started to get bored with my other teachers but with Julie every lesson is different and I class her as a friend as well as a teacher. She is so supportive & I love that we have a giggle in every lesson. My singing lessons are something I look forward to now.

Julie has helped me prepare for competitions like Open Mic Uk & helped me to prepare 3 songs for a really big performance at The 02 Academy main stage in Newcastle. All I can say is Julie is the best & I wouldn’t want any other teacher now as I know I have the best!

“Courtz" Courtney Hadwin11, Hartlepool - Schoolgirl & P/T Singer

As a retired civil servant, I’m not your obvious choice of person to start taking singing lessons in my mid fifties! However I suspect like an awful lot of people I had always loved singing around the house (but never within ear shot of anyone else!). I really wanted to join my local choir, but the move from singing in the house and having the responsibility of singing within a choir seemed a million miles apart!

Then one day I was looking on Groupon and spotted ‘Vocal Ovation’ and thought, why not give it a go! I convinced myself that I had nothing to lose, just maybe a bit of pride. However I can hand on heart say I have probably not done many other things in my life that have given me as much self satisfaction!

The first time I met Julie at her studio she must have sensed how far outside of my comfort zone I was and put me at ease straight away, plus the setting of the studio was far less intimidating then I had imagined. During the dozens of lessons I have had with Julie, I have never once felt overwhelmed or out of my depth, they are always geared to stretch your capabilities whatever your starting point. In my case initially we focussed on the basic skills like pitch & breathing etc. & choosing songs that I liked but weren’t overly optimistic.

So over 4 years on, where am I now? Well, I did join my local choir and we regularly support acts at the Sage Gateshead and have a regular spot within their ‘Summertyne Festival’, oh yeah and although not very cool, we got our big break when we sang on ‘Songs of Praise.’ None of this I would

have ever had the confidence or singing skills to do prior to starting lessons with Julie. Who knows what next, but I will definitely continue our lessons and under her tuition aspire to be the best I can be, which I know Julie wants for all who take lessons with her.

Jenny Thornton57, South Shields - Retired Civil Servant

I heard about Julie from my cousin who was really enthusiastic and positive about her lessons with her and the difference it was making not only to her singing ability but also her confidence.

I love music and singing but until I met Julie I hadn’t had the confidence to sing in front of anybody or to express myself through the songs I enjoy singing. The environment that Julie has created and the way she has nurtured my development has enabled me to not only develop my voice and singing ability but also to have the confidence to try different kinds of songs and even professionally record some of my favourite songs at her studio which I’ve been able to share with family and friends.

Working with Julie has been great, my experience with her has not only helped with my love of singing but also my own personal development.

I can’t recommend her highly enough or thank her for the help and support she gives me.

Elli Thomas12, Crawcrook

I saw Julie’s lessons adverised on Groupon. I had done a lot of singing previously but then developed MS and found I had no vocal stamina and despite trying some other teaching was on the verge of giving up.

Julie has taught me some brilliant vocal exercises and my vocal stamina has increased despite my medical condi4on. She has really helped and encouraged me so that I am con4nuing to sing in my choirs and have even gone back to doing some vocal solos again. I would recommend Julie’s teaching to everyone whatever their background. It is so easy to develop bad habits when you sing for a long 4me and try on your own to compensate for any weaknesses. She helps you to deal with your par4cular situa4on and so boosts your confidence

Helen HarriesCo. Durham - Retired GP

I have sung in school choirs for years but never considered myself an outstanding singer. However, I landed a lead role in a production which came with a number of solos. The show went well and I was asked to take part in other performances but still lacked confidence in my singing ability. This is when I went to see Julie.

From the start we hit it off. Lessons were fun and relaxed, singing songs I love, rather than the same old pieces I had been given with other teachers. Julie’s experience and coaching has transformed my singing style, giving me the vocal strength and confidence to perform to my best. She has a way of bringing out the best in people and inspires you to keep on learning and challenge yourself. Julie is friendly & supportive & gives me the confidence to try new things and audition for roles I would never have considered in the past. I love my lessons and look forward to them as a highlight of my week.

Lucy Hatton15, Hexham

I had never taken a vocal lesson in my life but when I started to learn to play the guitar I knew this was the next progression.

I looked around on the internet for a vocal tutor and Julie’s website and what she offered really stood out so I took the plunge, had an intro lesson and then took out a block booking!

I had a lot of doubts before my first lesson but I needn’t have worried because Julie has a great personality and makes you feel very comfortable. As I said I’d never sang before but felt relaxed enough to sing in front of her during that first lesson (with a bit of coaxing!).

Now after only 5 lessons I can really tell the difference in my voice and it’s made me adapt my guitar playing so that I make the most of it.

I believe Julie’s teaching techniques and the constant feedback and encouragement she gives during the lesson have helped me progress so much quicker. I’m now hoping to try my hand at an open mic session in the near future and I’m sure with Julie’s support & guidance I’ll be able to achieve this.

Andy47, Co. Durham - Police Officer

I’ve been having singing lessons with Julie at Vocal Ovation for about 5 years now. Prior to this I’d had a little experience of singing as part of an ensemble in a theatre group and school productions, but no actual voice training.

One Christmas my mum asked what I would like, and I asked for a vocal coach! She found that Vocal Ovation was quite local to us and had an offer for 3 lessons and a recording session. I loved it so much that five years on, I’m still going!

My lessons with Julie have extended my range and developed greater vocal control. Also, having performed herself, Julie can help with my overall performance as well as singing technique.

The studio has a great PA system, lighting and even a stage, so with her help it’s great to practise for that all-important audition.

I feel that I’ve achieved a lot through my singing lessons with Julie. I’ve twice gotten through to the Area Finals of Open Mic UK, and I now have a professional agent. Last year I successfully auditioned to study Music & Performance at college and I’m now doing what I love on a daily basis.

I would definitely recommend Julie as a vocal coach. Her lessons are friendly and fun, but at the same time very focused on pushing you to the best of your ability in developing as a performer.

Ellie Russell17, Co. Durham - Music student & singer

My daughter has been having lessons with Julie for over 3 years. Straight away I noticed a massive difference & improvement in her, not just in the way she sings but in her confidence as well. Julie is amazing with her & I cannot thank her enough for the encouragement, the teaching the professionalism & the massive amount of patience she gives to my daughter each session.

She introduced us to a variety of singers & performers who have also included us in their work as well as actively encouraging Amy-Rose to sing in competitions & shows whenever possible. The highlight of both our week’s is going to Julie’s, not just because of the singing but because she makes us laugh & has become someone we both love to spend time with.

I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for my daughter, a happy daughter means a happy Mum which means a happy home full of music and fun thanks to Julie – can’t wait for my son to start!

Thank you Julie for being an amazing coach & an inspiration to my amazing daughter.

Amy-Rose Skelton13, Washington

Before I found Vocal Ovation I had vocal lessons with another teacher who had helped me to a point however after a while she said she couldn’t really take me any further, that’s when I went on the search to find a new vocal coach.

Julie had been judging a singing competition I was taking part in called TeenStar, I enquired about lessons & over 3 years later I’m still with her & going from strength to strength.

Julie is always so welcoming when I arrive for my lessons and always makes sure the outcome of each lesson is really positive so I never fail to leave on a high!

My dream is to be a professional singer & having lessons with Julie has made me grow so much. There has been a huge change in my voice range, stage presence and I can now take on songs I wouldn’t have dared try before but she gives me the motivation and belief to go for it even if I’m feeling completely out of my comfort zone.

Julie has helped me prepare for so many events and competitions and the amazing studio space and stage has helped me develop my performance so much that my friends & family can’t believe it when they see me on stage now.

Singing aside, she has also really helped me grow as a person too and I can always trust her to give me the best advice!!

I would definitely recommend Vocal Ovation to anyone that wants to take their voice to another level. Thank you for everything Julie, I cant wait to see what’s to come in the future!

Danielle McGreevy18, Newcastle - Travel Rep

Jessica has always loved to sing & was entered by a friend into a singing competition last year. She loved performing & got great feedback from the judges but they mentioned about her working on her breathing. Julie Miles was recommended to us & as soon as we met her we knew she would help us in any way needed.

We are not a musical family & needed someone who could guide not just Jessie but us as well & Julie has been exactly that & such a great support. Jessie is showing such amazing improvement after each lesson. We would definitely recommend Julie Miles & Vocal Ovation you will not be disappointed!

Jessica Dale11, Sunderland

Julie from Vocal Ovation was recommended to us just over a year ago. My daughter was so disheartened & just about to stop singing altogether but moving to Julie has been the best decision ever. She has progressed more in a year than she ever dreamed of & is so much more confident! What she loves is being able to chose what she would like to sing but also being guided at the same time. Never any pressure put on her, just always supportive in whatever she does.

If entering a competition had been suggested a year ago the answer would have most definitely been no however she is now about to enter her 3rd!

Thank you to Julie! What a fab, fun teacher & with a studio that has the most amazing atmosphere.

Anna King13, Washington

When my 13 year-old son asked if he could have some singing lessons last summer I asked around on Facebook for suggestions as to a suitable teacher. The number of people recommending Julie was overwhelming and we now understand why.

Julie totally understands the mindset of a teenage boy (as much as is possible!). She keeps fun at the forefront and always seeks Harry’s input as to the songs he would like to sing. Lessons are very well structured so that a lot is achieved within the hour and Harry ALWAYS comes out buzzing.

Although Harry’s initial goal was just to ‘become a better singer’ so he could sing in a band with friends, with Julie’s help and support he has now entered two national competitions with great success. Julie has helped him to increase his vocal range dramatically so that even more songs are now comfortably within his limits. He now also has the confidence to get up on stage and give a compelling performance. We have been amazed how he has blossomed with Julie’s help this last year!

We are very lucky to have Julie on our doorstep but, had we not, we would gladly travel the many miles that many of her students do. A very special lady 🙂

Harry Weatherhead14, Stocksfield

I have been attending part time stage school since I was 5. I have always loved performing. I started singing on my own just under a year ago, taking part in my first competition TeenStar which is where I met Julie. She was judging the competition & many of the other singers had lessons with Julie and all said how great she was.
From the very first lesson I had with Julie I felt comfortable, the studio is great and I always enjoy myself. Julie not only helps with my singing she also helps me choose songs which will suit my voice and gives me advice on my performance.
We always start every lesson with lots of vocal exercises and warm ups, Julie has taught me that this is so important in protecting and improving my voice.
My friends and family have all commented on how much my voice has improved since I began my lessons, my voice has more power and my control and diction is so much better.
Over the past year I have met lots of new friends through taking part in competitions and events which Julie has recommended would be good for me to take part in. I have achieved so much that I am proud of since starting my lessons with Julie, I made it through to the area finals in both Teenstar and Open Mic UK and Beyond the Lights.

I won a competition to sing a combination of songs at Intu Eldon Square fun day and I have also taken part in charity events and musical theatre performances I can’t imagine not having lessons with Julie now and I thank her for helping me so much over the last year. I’m looking forward to lots more exciting times x

Jodie Elliott13, Washington

Vocal Ovation (My lovely vocal coach Julie Miles) has been an absolute godsend to me.
I have learnt so much about my voice which has given me the confidence and knowledge to lake care of it and use it to ilS best ability and beyond!
In such a short space of time Julie’s techniques & approach made a huge difference on my own vocal techniques and has helped me grow from strength to strength!
Not only is Julie a brilliant voice teacher, she has become a good friend and a lady i have huge respect for.

Thank you Julie

Beth Macari22, Gateshead

I started singing for fun in my late teens and decided to take things further with lessons. I then went on to work on a cruise ship as a singer travelling the world. After working away for a couple of years I returned home with vocal problems which, despite having taken lessons, was due to the poor technique I’d learned. With numerous trips to voice therapists and 3 operations on my throat I decided to give up on my singing career which was a bitter pill to swallow.

After a while I began to really miss what I loved doing so took the step to find a vocal coach. I came across Julie’s website and booked a lesson shortly after. In the very first lesson Julie took me right back to the basics and quickly identified the problems in my voice. Julie’s approach to teaching is professional and friendly in a relaxed environment. As I have developed bad singing habits Julie is working on these by improving my technique & helping me understand the mechanics of my voice. This can take a while but Julie has the patience of a saint & with her vast knowledge my voice has improved. I now feel so confident that I can pursue my passion again and plan to get back on the stage very soon!

Ross Dixon25, Teeside - Support worker

I first discovered Vocal Ovation only last year, after a conversation with the manager of one of Julie’s student’s.

After a lengthy time away from music, I was looking for a good vocal coach who would be supportive and understanding, have the patience of a Saint, a vast working knowledge of the music industry, including how to prepare for an audition plus have the ability to develop stage presence and build confidence – add into all of that a bunch of live performance experience, and there was Julie Miles!

I was pretty nervous for my first lesson, as my only real live experience was with a couple of bands 10 years prior but as soon as I walked through the door I was met with true empathy and Julie tailored the lesson to fit me perfectly, due to an upcoming audition for Open Mic UK. I could not fault the rehearsal space, absolutely beautiful with a very relaxed atmosphere, professional equipment and an overall friendly feel.

After just a few lessons with Julie, I feel my confidence has improved drastically and also my whole outlook on live performance. I am looking forward to more lessons in the very near future & would recommend this lady to anybody who wishes to succeed in life, even if you think you have waited too long!!

Karen Stewart31, Newcastle - Civil Servant

From day one Julie Miles helped me to build my confidence and believe in myself. The improvements in my voice were instantaneous and each lesson ever since has been invaluable. Her lessons have helped me with breathing techniques, how to protect my voice, warm up correctly, maximize the potential in my voice and even improve on my vocal range (notes I only ever dreamed of singing).

Julie “Magical” Miles is truly a cut above the rest. I feel honoured and privileged to work with such a phenomenal vocal coach and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Amber Wilson9, Gateshead - Retail

I have always enjoyed singing around the house & I then got the opportunity to start my first ever singing lessons with Julie and I’ve loved every minute of it!

I’ve been singing with her for 18 months and my confidence has rocketed. The difference from my very first nervous performance on a stage to where I am now is unreal.

Julie’s studio is a very professional place to learn to sing and Julie is so friendly and professional plus really funny! I was so nervous before my first lesson and didn’t know what to expect but I was welcomed with open arms and such a warm heart that my nerves immediately disappeared.

Everyone comments on the improvement in my voice since the beginning.

Julie has helped me prepare for different recordings, one which was held in her studio and also recently a big competition called ‘Beyond the Lights UK’ where I won the ‘most improved act’ award. Me and my family would recommend Julie to anyone and everyone that we meet, she’s amazing.

Brianna Haddon11, Newcastle

I am currently studying BTEC Music Performance at school having completed my grade 8 Rock School singing exams with a school based singing teacher. I had got to a point where I needed to seek a professional coach to help me improve my vocal technique in preparation for university auditions that’s when I found Julie via a local newspaper article.

The studio space is professional and welcoming with a really relaxed & perfect learning environment & at each session Julie welcomes me with her friendly personality and never fails to make me laugh!

In past experience I have had lessons on how to sing songs and sing them well whereas Julie focuses on your vocal development using techniques that allow you to progress not only as a vocalist but as a performer.

Throughout my time with Julie I have seen a massive development in my voice and vocal capabilities. It has enabled me to reach a greater & more powerful vocal range while also giving me a new inner confidence & ability to sing with clarity & control in a much higher register.

My lessons have been spent not only practising for university auditions but also a recent competition. Before lessons with Julie I would never have had the confidence to take part in a singing competition as I never believed in myself, however Julie has changed this.

I would highly recommend Vocal Ovation to gain professional expert training of the highest standard, and I guarantee you will enjoy every minute of the lesson due to Julie’s fantastic approach and personality, I very much see her as friend now.

Chloe Dixon19, Corbridge - Music Student

I have always sang and performed from being in primary school nativity plays to secondary school choirs and solo performances, however when I stopped singing for a few years my voice completely changed for the worse.

I came to Julie at Vocal Ovation when I took music at Newcastle College and over the last 4 years of working with her she has been so fantastic. She has helped to restore and better my voice by using vocal techniques that have brought my voice out of my throat and nose and have created more clarity in the breathy tone my voice had acquired. With Julie’s coaching I have also been able to gain enough confidence to perform live again, something I missed so much. She has helped me with everything from covers, and improving my own original songs to stage presence and preparing me for gigs and recordings.

I would absolutely recommend Julie as a vocal coach & teacher to anyone. Her friendly personality and gorgeous studio make you feel completely at home and with her vast coaching and musical knowledge, I really think there is no problem she can’t help with.

Naomi Kemp24, Gateshead - Hospitality

I had my first singing lesson one week after my 12th birthday, it was bought for me as a gift and Julie had been recommended through a friend of my mum. Within two weeks of my first lesson I auditioned for TeenStar singing competition and got through to the regional finals. I would never have had the confidence without my lesson.

I have attended regular vocal lessons with Julie for over two and a half years my voice has developed along with my confidence so much that I now regularly compete in national singing competitions and this year will perform at the 02 Academy in Newcastle! None of this would have been possible without the expertise, hard work and dedication from Julie.

The studio facilities are first class and a very relaxed environment to learn in.

If there’s anyone out there thinking of learning to sing, Julie & Vocal Ovation should be your first stop. Just fantastic!

Kenza Limam14, Crawcrook

As a former solo singer & now part of a three piece girlband, I feel it is so important to keep up with vocal lessons so as not to pick up any bad habits. Since attending Vocal Ovation my singing and technique has improved vastly. I have attended Julie’s studio both for individual lessons and also group lessons for the girlband. Julie always goes the extra mile to accommodate us girls & fit us in for lessons around people’s work commitments.

Julie’s studio is just fantastic and done out to an exceptionally high standard with first class equipment to use. Julie’s teaching techniques are excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Vocal Ovation.

Becca Richardson18, Gateshead - Music Student & Singer

My ten year old daughter, Anna, was already a confident singer with a good voice. I wanted a vocal coach to hone and perfect her natural ability so she could develop into a great singer. Julie does exactly this.

She uses precise coaching techniques to target and improve any weaker areas while always further developing her individual strengths. Anna absolutely loves her sessions with Julie and her voice is being perfected all the time. As a parent, I believe Anna’s sessions with Julie are an investment for the future.

Anna Coulson10, Co. Durham

A few years ago I was at a singing competition and another contestant recommended Vocal Ovation to me so I thought I would give it ago & have now been having lessons ever since.

As I got to the studio Julie was great, she was very welcoming, so friendly and easy to talk to. Her studio is amazing, I love the stage the lighting and the sound is amazing. If there is a note I get wrong or struggle with Julie always helps to get it right. I have been going to Julie for over 2 years. I now feel so much more confident in my performances & can reach notes that I could never have before. Last year she put me forward for The Voice & I made it through all the stages to the final 200 out of literally thousands! I would recommend anyone to Julie, I think she is great.

Shannon Leigh Hurst20, Walbottle

My sister was having lessons with Julie I couldn’t wait to go! I love the studio it’s so professional, I feel like a

star when I’m there. I love the stage and the sound is great.

Julie helps me pronounce my words properly when I sing, has helped me increase my range & she also helps me with my performance. I have been going about a year & I now feel so much more confident when I sing in front of a audience.

I would recommend Julie to anyone I think she’s great and I love going for my lessons.

Caitlin Paige Hurst16, Walbottle

After hearing from a friend about Vocal Ovation, my daughter Alice, then aged 8 asked if she could have singing lessons with Julie for her birthday present.

From the first visit, Alice loved Julie’s friendly, but totally professional approach, and still, over 4 years later, looks forward to every session with the same enthusiasm.

Julie has always made Alice feel relaxed and happy, and through using fun and easy to understand techniques, has encouraged her to become a much stronger and more confident singer.

I would recommend Julie and Vocal Ovation to anyone wishing to improve their singing, from beginner to professional. Her studio and facilities are second to none, and her vast experience and ability to teach everyone as an individual, make her an amazing coach.

Alice Cowie12, Blanchland

My daughter Sophie has always loved to sing, in the bath, shower, in her bedroom singing into a brush – anywhere other than in front of others, that always terrified her!

Knowing that she had potential, I wanted to try and encourage Sophie to believe in herself and her beautiful voice and Julie/Vocal Ovation was recommended to me by a friend, as the “Perfect Teacher” to help bring out the best in Sophie and build her confidence.

From the moment we walked into the studio, I knew that Sophie was in good hands. The Studio is great, giving off a real feeling of being on stage, and is very welcoming.
Julie definitely brings out the best in her students and now Sophie isn’t shy at singing in front of others. She has recently taken part in The Beyond The Lights 2016 Singing competition and did very well. This time last year there is no way she would have stood up on that stage in front of a full audience and performed – now she can’t get enough of it, she loves performing and that is down to Julie and how she has taught her with breathing techniques, with stage presence
and vocally all round.

We would highly recommend Julie/Vocal Ovation to anyone who wants to progress with singing & performing.

Sophie Gordon12, Gateshead
As a parent of two enthusiastic singers, finding Julie almost 6 years ago has been an absolute godsend!

I discovered Vocal Ovation on the internet & after booking an introductory lesson for my daughter, Jenner, aged just 12 at the time, we have never looked back. Julie’s welcoming and positive demeanour instantly put us at ease and it was obvious from the outset that she was determined to provide a unique and very special kind of singing tuition.

The studio offers a well- equipped, impressive space. Coupled with Julie’s remarkable talent in drawing out individual strengths & patiently encouraging their skills, I have been amazed in the progression my children have shown. Julie has supported them to achieve distinction grades in numerous Trinity Musical Theatre exams, given them confidence to audition for lead roles in local and National performances, (Wizard of Oz, Oliver, We Will Rock You, Seusical the Musical, Peter Pan, The Midnight Flower Press, to name a few!). She has also encouraged them to participate in singing competitions, (Teen Star and Beyond the Lights), which have given them a valuable platform to practise the skills they have developed, in front of a live audience.

Lessons are fun & innovative drawing on Julie’s own experience & ongoing training. I have been particularly impressed with how she can fine tune her approach to provide for the differing needs of
my children, keeping them motivated & nurturing their love for singing. I never tire of creeping in towards the end of a lesson & witnessing the magic that she has created with my children in just an

Thank you Julie!

Josh & Jenner Dronfield13 & 17, Corbridge