Some Experience

I’ve sung quite a bit on and off but not as a pro

For many singers, this can be the stage where you end up getting stuck in a bit of a rut. You’ve sung enough to be pretty sure you’ve got a talent worth pursuing but you really don’t know how or if you should try to take it to the next level.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • For years you’ve been coaxed into getting up and singing at karaoke’s, with bands, at parties etc and you’re wondering if you could be a professional singer
  • You’ve been asked to sing at a friend’s wedding/birthday/anniversary and you’d really like some help to absolutely bring the house down
  • You always get a good singing part in the school/college/am dram show but next time you want the lead
  • You recently got feedback from an audition that you just didn’t have quite enough experience
  • Next time “X Factor” or “Britain’s Got Talent” is in town you want to audition and get through
  • Your singing is inconsistent, sometimes really great, other times not so good at all and you want to know what could be going wrong
  • You write and sing original songs and want to strengthen your vocals for recording
  • Singing is a hobby, you love it and your only desire is to get the chance to sing more and improve.

Whichever applies to you, you owe it to yourself to get some professional guidance so that you don’t look back and wonder what sort of performance you could have given or how good a singer you could have become.

How can Vocal Ovation help me?

Your coach at Vocal Ovation has first hand experience of making the transition from just doing a bit of singing once in a while, to auditioning, to becoming a full time performer, so knows exactly what’s required in taking that jump up to a more professional vocal performance level.

Here’s a taste of how we can support and enhance your development:

  • Your voice will be assessed in your introductory lesson for tone, tuning, strength, range, flexibility and control.
  • We’ll give you feedback on the level we feel you’re at vocally.
  • We’ll discuss what sort of performer you see yourself as.
  • We’ll combine your own aspirations in terms of how you hope to progress as a singer and performer with our own thoughts and advice and will formulate an individual tuition and coaching plan that will be the most effective for your development needs.
  • We will focus on both building your singing technique and stage performance to help you give a far more professional and believable performance that will be individual to you.
  • We’ll help you build a good repertoire of songs that will really fit with and compliment your individual style and range for any forthcoming performances and auditions.
  • To add another valuable dimension to your feedback and progression, you can book an On Location session where we can get a real audience view of you performing live or provide onsite coaching at any auditions you may be attending.
  • Vocal Ovation also run quarterly performance evenings and friendly competitions for students of all levels where friends and family can attend so this maybe the perfect platform for you to try out some new elements of your performance and perhaps even provide some inspiration for less experienced performers.

What our Clients Think

I first discovered Vocal Ovation only last year, after a conversation with the manager of one of Julie’s student’s.

After a lengthy time away from music, I was looking for a good vocal coach who would be supportive and understanding, have the patience of a Saint, a vast working knowledge of the music industry, including how to prepare for an audition plus have the ability to develop stage presence and build confidence – add into all of that a bunch of live performance experience, and there was Julie Miles!

I was pretty nervous for my first lesson, as my only real live experience was with a couple of bands 10 years prior but as soon as I walked through the door I was met with true empathy and Julie tailored the lesson to fit me perfectly, due to an upcoming audition for Open Mic UK. I could not fault the rehearsal space, absolutely beautiful with a very relaxed atmosphere, professional equipment and an overall friendly feel.

After just a few lessons with Julie, I feel my confidence has improved drastically and also my whole outlook on live performance. I am looking forward to more lessons in the very near future & would recommend this lady to anybody who wishes to succeed in life, even if you think you have waited too long!!

Karen Stewart31, Newcastle - Civil Servant

I have always sang and performed from being in primary school nativity plays to secondary school choirs and solo performances, however when I stopped singing for a few years my voice completely changed for the worse.

I came to Julie at Vocal Ovation when I took music at Newcastle College and over the last 4 years of working with her she has been so fantastic. She has helped to restore and better my voice by using vocal techniques that have brought my voice out of my throat and nose and have created more clarity in the breathy tone my voice had acquired. With Julie’s coaching I have also been able to gain enough confidence to perform live again, something I missed so much. She has helped me with everything from covers, and improving my own original songs to stage presence and preparing me for gigs and recordings.

I would absolutely recommend Julie as a vocal coach & teacher to anyone. Her friendly personality and gorgeous studio make you feel completely at home and with her vast coaching and musical knowledge, I really think there is no problem she can’t help with.

Naomi Kemp24, Gateshead - Hospitality